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Wolfpack - you are going to want to bookmark this page. We plan to update the triathlon information here as we get closer to July 14th.

We are SO EXCITED! We have over 50 amazing women signed up for the Delmo Sports Women’s Philadelphia Triathlon on July 9th, 2023. For many of you this will be your FIRST triathlon. We know you have a ton of questions and we’re here to support you. We are going to get you across that finish line so we can celebrate!!!

If you are still considering signing up, don't wait. This event has sold out in years past. Click here and make sure to indicate you are team Wolfpack in the team pulldown. Also use code 2024WOLFPACK10 in your shopping cart to get $10 off your registration.

Triathlon workout dates for Wolfpack:

April 13th - following Julie's 8am POWER 45 class - Group Run/Walk - Location TBD (raindate April 20th)

MORE DATES TO FOLLOW - Keep your ears open.

Here is some great information about what you need to know and resources to help get you ready for the big day. We cannot wait to support your training and celebrate this amazing achievement with you on July 14th.

SWIM (event =300 meters - photo below is from Delmo Sports of the pool) :

Start with just ONE LAP and build from there. You do not need to be able to do the entire distance on your first practice. Just be consistent, keep training. You will get there.

When practice swimming, keep in mind how big the pool is. Most pools are 25 meters long, so 50 meters down and back for one lap. The Delmo pool is 50 meters long so you only have to do THREE laps down and back.

It is a "serpentine course" which means you start at one lane 1, get to the end and pop under the lane line. You swim up lane two, pop under again and then swim lane 3, etc. See the photo from last year's athlete guide.

Local pools where you can swim:

Glisten Fit (open water lake swimming) - 64 Norcross Rd, Berlin, NJ 08009. $20 per swim. "We offer open water swim sessions from 4-7PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays (swim buoy required). Join us for an evening of open-water swimming in our beautiful, clean, quarter-mile lake. "

May 19-June 12 -Varied Open Swim schedule. Please check weekly with Aquatics Department at for available times.

June 19-July 28 (Pool closed 7/4) M/W/Limited space on Fridays 5:00-7:00PM

Also: Local YMCAs, Local high school pools, Lifetime Fitness. After Memorial Day, local community pools may have drop in or membership options for lap swimming.

BIKE (event = 9 mile bike - predominantly flat with one hill at the end) :

Places you can practice biking: Bike Routes: 202 bypass has a bike path, Peace Valley (6 mile loop), Schuylkill River Trail

Bike rentals from Unlimited Biking. This company works directly with Delmo Sports and can deliver your bike directly to the starting line and you return it right at the finish.

Trek Bicycles has ongoing local rides that are open to anyone (and you don't have to own a Trek bike). This is a link to their upcoming rides.

Also remember Wolfpack FULL 45 MINUTE Spin classes at Wolfpack are **excellent** training.

RUN (event 5k on a mostly shaded, flat course with water support stations) :

Zen Labs Couch to 5k - This is a fantastic app that you put on your phone. Its an 8 week program that starts out with running for 60 seconds and walking for 90 seconds. It builds you up slowly to prevent injury and in 8 weeks time you will be able to run a 5k. The workouts are 30 minutes long, including warm up and cool down and it has you running three times a week. To really maximize the benefit of this app you need to be consistent. We recommend starting this workout mid May or 8 weeks in advance of the triathlon. If you haven't run in a long time think about starting earlier (perhaps 12 weeks in advance.)


You will be increasing your volume of workouts as we get ready for the triathlon. Stretching is really important to keep you loose and prevent injury. Thankfully Wolfpack offers yoga in studio. Make sure you keep an eye on the schedule and always be looking for additional pop-ups.

Another great resource for some free yoga is Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. She has hundreds of videos and some are as short as 5-10 minutes. You don't have to do a lot but it is highly recommended.


  • Start to plan to get a bike if you need one! Borrow from friend/family, look for used bike to purchase (marketplace?)

  • YOU NEED A HELMET-this is a must!

  • A pair of goggles that are comfortable for you (swim cap optional to train but required and provided on race day)

  • Clip in shoes/pedals are not required for race day, but an option if you prefer. If you are going to clip in, start practicing that NOW. There is a bit of a learning curve. You do NOT have to clip in on race day.

  • What to wear race day- triathlon suit/ Speedo/ Shorts/ Tank/ Bra. Nothing special needed to be purchased, but think about ease of transition and comfort. It will also be super hot.

  • Running Sneakers! Properly fitted for you and to run.

Some additional resources for training plans if you are interested:


What is the order of the events?

Swim first, then bike, then run.

How does the weekend work?

The day before the race (Saturday) you will have the opportunity to go down to the race course and check out the finish line, where we will store our bikes in transition, get your bib, etc. The events on Saturday are optional but if you are available, it is highly recommended you go down to check it out. Race morning can be a bit overwhelming and this way you can just show up on Sunday morning (its a very early start) and go. You can even check in your bike on Saturday and they will protect it overnight.

Also! Megan and Julie will be doing a body weight workout on the mic for Delmo Sports. We will release more information about this when we have it but let's support the heck out of Wolfpack and show up en-masse!

What should I wear?

Keep in mind it is an event in July and it will be hot. Because it is a sprint distance you can easily go from the pool, to the bike, to the run without changing. You will dry quickly. There are port-o-potties around everywhere if you really want to change but keep in mind your change time is on the clock.

What is the bike course like?

The bike course is an out and back course right along the Schuylkill and it is BEAUTIFUL. There is one hill at the end but if you've taken a cycling class at Wolfpack it will be absolutely no problem for you.

Can I walk the 5K?

You absolutely can!

I’m nervous about the swim - any tips?

Know that for the vast majority of the swim you will be able to touch the bottom of the pool. You *can* hang onto the lane lines if you really need a safety line. As you are waiting to get in the pool know that the most experienced swimmers go first and it will look intimidating. You will have the opportunity to seed yourself with swimmers who are your pace. It is highly recommended that you know how long it will take you to swim even 100 meters and multiply that by three.

There will be people with signs at the beginning of the race for the different swim times. You will stand close to your approximate time and enter the pool with people at your pace.

Paces = Under 6:00 minutes, 6:01-7:00 minutes, 7:01-8:00 minutes, 8:01-9:00 minutes, 9:01-10:00 minutes, 10:01-11:00 minutes, 11:01-12:00 minutes, 12:01-13:00 minutes, 13:01- 14:00 minutes, 14:01-15:00 minutes, 15:01 minutes and above.

Should I think about nutrition for the race?

As you train you should play around with this. You might not NEED nutrition but it is a good idea to have something on hand especially considering the heat. Experiment with gels, blox, sports jelly beans, energy drinks, etc. What you do NOT want to do is try something for the first time on race day. Know in advance what works for you.

What is “transition”?

Transition is where you store you bike. It is your home base. When you are setting up to race you will have your bike racked, a small towel with your run gear on it. You will leave transition to swim and then run back to your racked bike. You will then complete the bike course and again return back to transition and rack your bike. You will sit down and put your sneakers on and run the 5K. You finish the course and then retrieve your bike after you are done. Only athletes are allowed in transition and you will have to show your bib number and bike number (that Delmo provides) match in order to remove your bike from the transition area at end of the day.

Will we be able to race together?

We will have a team tent and our own private port-o-potty (woot! woot! This is a BIG deal). Once we start, people will seed themselves according to their swim times. You can absolutely start with other Wolfpack members but you might find it hard to stay together. That is OKAY! You will absolutely see Wolfpack out on the course and those who finish first should go back to the final chute of the run to cheer everyone in. This is a wonderfully positive event and you will absolutely feel the love and support.

How will I feel? INCREDIBLE!!! You are going to finish so strong because you will be ready. You’ve been taking classes at Wolfpack for months. When you finish you get to brag to your friends and family that YOU ARE A TRIATHLETE!

Lastly there is even more information and FAQs on Delmo's website. Highly recommend you check it out. Also feel free to ask Julie, Megan or Lauren or anyone who did the race in 2023 any questions you might have.... but GET PSYCHED!!!! It is going to be an incredible day!!!!

Link to 2022 ATHLETE GUIDE. They will post a new one for 2024 but it will look very similar to this. Lots of good information in there!


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