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You want to know more about Wolfpack?
We are so glad you asked.  

Women working out

The Wolfpack brand represents a next level of full body fitness. What are we about? Effective programming in organized and concise workouts. Wolfpack is about having fun and being a part of a community that holds you accountable. In 2019 Wolfpack Fitness started as pop-up workouts on the weekends at local parks. When the pandemic hit, they pivoted and went virtual. Over Zoom, Wolfpack was able to expand their community up and down the East Coast. Men and women from different locations and all different fitness levels began to experience the joy and escape that working out provides. It has been a dream for owners Julie and Megan to open their own physical space and that has finally happened at their flagship studio in Hatfield, PA! Wolfpack Fitness will provide you with all the fitness attributes that Julie and Megan have found to love.  We want you to be here and we can't wait to meet you!

Julie Pagliaro and Megan McMurdo
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