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Wolfpack Ambassador Spotlight - Shy Nicholas

Please join us in announcing our next Wolfpack Ambassador spotlight, Shy Nicholas who ALSO just recently hit 100 classes!!! Way to go Shy! Your commitment and consistency is so impressive and we are so happy to call you out and celebrate you! Shy comes to Wolfpack from Telford, PA and she joined us at the very end of January, 2023. Shy works full time AND is a mother of four! She spotted Wolfpack while driving by and later Googled the gym in line at Starbucks. Right then and there she decided she would give it a try and she hasn't looked back since. Shy was feeling frustrated with her inability to find a fitness routine but that all became a thing of the past once she found the pack. One of her favorite things about Wolfpack is "how excited everyone is to see each other every day!! It does something to your spirit. I love the energy and community." She also said she loves, "The thoughtfulness that goes into each workout plan. It doesn’t go unnoticed, Meg and Julie — you are amazing humans and we are all incredibly fortunate to have you as our leaders." No truer words, Shy! You can often find Shy taking classes in the evenings during the week, and the morning classes on the weekends. We asked Shy what her favorite class format is. She said, "In order of favorite - 1. Hybrid 2. OG Wolfpack 3. Full cycle - is team teach a format? If so, that’s my absolute fav." Lastly we asked Shy what she would tell someone who has yet to try Wolfpack and we absolutely loved her answer. "It’s 100% normal to feel nervous when entering into a new environment but my advice would be to do it anyway. Do it scared. Do it nervous. But still do it. Don’t try to suppress or eliminate your nerves or fears…just bring them with you. I promise they won’t last long." "The universe put Wolfpack in my path and I could not be more grateful." Shy, we could not have said it better ourselves. We are grateful the universe brought you to the pack, and we love having you in the studio. You have the best work ethic and your progress on both the bike and the strength floor has been beyond impressive. Your smile and positive attitude brings out the best in everyone around you. Congrats on hitting 100 and here is to crushing the next 100 classes. Let's gooooooooooo!!!!!


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