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We are so excited to kick off our new Wolfpack Ambassador spotlight with one of our Wolfpack couples, Jess and CA, who both hit 50 classes recently!!! Every few weeks we want to highlight members of the pack so that we can all get to know each other a bit better.

Jess and CA live in Schwenksville and both started working out at Wolfpack shortly after we opened. You can usually find these two in the later morning or evening classes and both have established a great routine of taking all the formats of classes. We asked both CA and Jess what they would say to anyone who was interested in walking into Wolfpack for the first time. From CA, "Start slow, ask for help, have questions, be yourself." Jess talked about her favorite part of Wolfpack is EVERYTHING! She went on to say, "Before finding Wolfpack fitness, I tried gyms and fitness studios, but after a few classes the motivation, accountability and overall experience was lacking for me. I felt like I didn't fit in at most gyms because I was starting over as a beginner. I can absolutely say that my experience from day one with Megan @life__artist & Julie @julpags has been nothing but positive and motivating. The energy they both bring to their individual classes and team teach always makes me feel like I can accomplish any goal set in front of me." CA added that she also loves, "All the friends I have made at the studio." We love you too, Jess and CA! Thanks for being part of the pack! Wolfpack, if you see either of these two this week, please thank them for kicking off our new Ambassador spotlight! More spotlights to come! @philliesphan711 and @punkasself


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