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Female athlete

This post is for all the people who have never done the Women’s Philadelphia Triathlon from Delmo Sports but ESPECIALLY for my special favorite athletes at Wolfpack Fitness in Hatfield.

This photo is from July 8, 2018 the inaugural year of this event and my very first triathlon, ever. In the last six years I have gone on to complete several triathlons at the Olympic distance, the 70.3 Ironman and even the full 140.6 IRONMAN. 

On this upcoming July 14th, 2024 it will be my 4th time doing the Women’s Philadelphia Triathlon and ladies… I have some tips. 

First of all, you are ready. Do not doubt your preparation. Even if you are saying to yourself right now you don’t feel you did enough to train please know this event will support any pace, any experience. Every single person there is just happy to see women committing to movement and wellness. Forward is a pace. We celebrate everyone.

THE SWIM: The most nervous you are going to feel all day is waiting to get in the pool. Keep in mind you might be waiting a while (but it’s worth the wait.) My advice is to chat with the women around you. Make friends! I have met people I didn’t know waiting to get in the pool and then found them again the following year waiting to get in the pool again. Be in awe of the super fast women who swim first but if that’s not you, that’s okay. You will get in when the time is right and be surrounded by same pace swimmers. 

THE BIKE: If you can, make sure you note before the start the well marked area of transition that says “BIKE OUT". Once you return to your bike put your helmet on, run your bike (do NOT ride) your bike toward that sign out of transition and mount your bike where they tell you. At the very end of the bike segment there is one hill climb on the course but the best part is once you hit that hill, you are almost done with your time on the bike. Shift down and power up. You got this. 

THE RUN: Once you find yourself on the run course after the bike, settle into your pace. Control your breathing and your heart rate. It’s a lot to launch into a run coming off the bike but find someone on the course running a good, strong pace and stick with them. 

This last tip is a big one. At the end the run course you will come up to a wooden fence on your right side. It will likely be lined with spectators and you will actually see the archway of the finish. You will think you are done but you are NOT. The course will shoot you left and you still have a few minutes of running to do. Calibrate your effort but begin your kick. Push hard and finish strong. Cross that finish line with your hands to the sky. YOU ARE A TRIATHLETE!!!!

Can’t wait to see you all out there on July 14th! For those of you who don’t know me if you see a purple haired Wolfpack athlete, come say hi. My name is Lauren. I'm a coach at Wolfpack Fitness and I’d love to congratulate you!


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