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Wolfpack Ambassador Spotlight - Carolyn Shisler

Let’s ring in 2024 with a celebration of our newest Wolfpack Ambassador, Carolyn Shisler!!!! (@carolynshis27) Carolyn comes to Wolfpack from Hatfield after finding the studio online and has been working out with us since March, 2023. In that short time she has hit so many milestones, made so much inspiring progress and shown such incredible consistency. If you asked Carolyn though she would say her favorite thing is how strong and healthy she feels. She also said, “I hope to lead by example for my kids and my FIVE grandkids under 3 how important taking care of yourself is and how fun working out can be! Wolfpack gives me the energy for my family and the strength to carry those toddlers and babies all day long!”

You can always find Carolyn at the Tuesday 5:30am class and at her ultimate favorite, the Sunday team teach with Julie (@julpags) and Megan (@life__artist). She also will fit in as many classes as she can during the rest of the week.

We asked Carolyn what she feels she has gained the most from Wolfpack and she said, “I gained the mindset to do the work, get stronger and show up for myself. It’s the main reason I will be at Wolfpack for life!” Carolyn, we absolutely love that! You are such a ray of light in the studio and we are so happy you will be with us forever! If you see Carolyn in the studio this week please give her a high five and thank her for being such a great inspiration to us all!


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