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Sign up for any of these classes in your Wolfpack App.

- We WILL be open on January 1st! Check the schedule on your app and let's continue all the hard work we've been committed to in 2023

- Thursday 5:30pm class is now a POWER30 on the bike with Dani.

- The first Thursday of the month (January 3rd) is our happy hour. Come take class at 5pm class or just meet us at The East End for a night of casual conversation and togetherness.

- We are having some New Year membership specials. Inquire at the front desk for special pricing. Grab this deal because it will NOT last.

- We are now carrying Tatsu Tea, and Sips and Berries overnight oats and Luna juice. Check out our retail fridge on the strength floor.

- January 19th is our first fundraising class for the CHOP Spin-In. Sign up in the app for this in studio class but also click here to learn more. We will have additional in studio classes in February so keep an eye out.

- Our triathlon team for the Delmo Philly Women's Triathlon is shaping up nicely. This event is a really special event for Wolfpack and we encourage ALL WOMEN to join us. It is a great event for anyone who is new to triathlon. Use our code 2024WOLFPACK10 to get $10 off your registration.


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