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for The Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania

Meet Tim, our member Sarah's husband! Tim was accidentally hit by a car 2 years ago. As a result, he suffers from a traumatic brain injury.

When: Thursday, April 11th @6:30pm

Class: Full Wolfpack with Katelyn

Cost: $25.00 to take class, 100% of the proceeds go to the Brain Association of Pennsylvania

T-Shirts for sale to benefit $15.00- sign up sheet is in the studio! Shirts will be ordered by 4/14


Want to join The Warriors team for the walk or run? Click the link below (great training for our triathlon ladies!)

Join our team!

Want to make a difference with a donation, click the link below!

Congratulations to all our milestone members in March!

Megan Vasconez 25 classes, Bill Gavigan 25 classes, Annemarie Gray 25 classes, Brittany Hutchison 50 classes, Leslie Gonce 50 classes, TC Hatzis 50 classes, Kati Robbins 50 classes, Ashleigh Gottschling 100 classes, Amanda Colindres 100 classes, Adrianne Andersch 100 Classes, Kristin Hannings 100 classes, Ganna Mcgowen 100 classes, Matt Limbach 100 classes, Abbie Pagliaro 100 classes, Katie Pagliaro 150 classes, Dani Taylor 150 classes, Megan Chandler 150 classes, Samantha Muller 150 classes, Amanda Walling 200 classes, Courtney Friend 200 classes, Dominique Delucia 200 classes, Brittany Cardone 200 classes, Cathleen White 300 classes, Lauren Franklin 300 classes, Beth Jones 300 classes, Kelly Rice 300 classes, Kristy Chapman 350 classes, Sandy Herbert 350 classes, Ruchi O'Reilly 450 classes.


Monday, 7am Wolfpack30 w/ Miranda (starting 4/22)

Tuesday, 4:45pm Wolfpack 30 w/Katelyn CANCELLED (last class 4/16)

Wednesday, 5:00pm POWER HYBRID 30/30 w/Miranda

Thursday, 5:30pm POWER30 w/Cathleen

Thursday, 6:30pm Wolfpack, rotating instructors

Friday, 5:00pm Wolfpack, CANCELLED for the month of April- Stay tuned for pop ups!

Saturday, 9:00am Wolfpack w/Julie


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