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We all know Julie and Megan are super busy with Wolfpack, family life and their jobs as trauma and emergency room nurses. Have you ever wondered how they get it all done? Well Lauren decided to interview them to pull the curtain back so you can know what it takes to be superhuman like our fearless leaders.

What time do you wake up and what does your morning look like?

Julie: I get up between 5:30 and 6:30am and on most days I help get my kids up and out the door to school (except when I teach early am Fridays). I have my shake first thing in the am before I workout or teach. I often get my own workout in after the kids are off, or I take one of the morning classes at Wolfpack. I do enjoy running and biking outside, so I try to get this in 2-3 times a week especially in nicer weather.

Megan: I wake up any time between 4:12 and 7:08. I never set my alarm on a five or a zero. Don't ask me why. 7:08 is considered sleeping in. I try to stretch or meditate for at least 10 min when I wake up. I have a strict no social media for at least the first 30 min I'm awake. If I'm coaching at 5:30a I am up at 4:12-4:28. I will take Charlie out and feed him while I'm listening to my playlist. I then head to the studio by 5a. If I'm not coaching early I will usually do my own workout for 45 min or so before I head to work in the ER. Some mornings I sleep in until 7ish and do my workout. If I'm off of coaching and working in the ER I will start to clean and get things done around the house. Some mornings I head to Tiger Schulmann's and train one of my students in sparring and MMA (mixed martial arts). If it's Saturday I get to train myself for an hour at Tiger before I head to Wolfpack to take class. I always have a shake earlier in the morning and then eat a pretty big breakfast by 11a.

Tell us about the middle or your day?

Julie: After being at the studio or working out I eat a large breakfast, haha. When Wolfpack studio closes for the morning and my kids are in school, I often pick up hours in the Emergency Department between 11am-7pm. As a nurse in the ER, I typically am assigned to triage patients who first come into the ER. This involves doing an initial assessment, vital signs, assigning their acuity level and delegating care as needed. I also sometimes am in Charge in the ER, or assist in our trauma bay. Mid-day I typically have a smaller lunch, but I snack frequently throughout the day. I have a major sweet tooth and eat chocolate peanut butter cups almost every day. If I don't go into work, this is when I spend time catching up on stuff for Wolfpack- programming, playlisting, scheduling, social media and other business tasks. I am obsessed with all things music, and NEW music. I try to dedicate some of my down time each week to music research and finding new content.

Megan: The middle of the day also depends on the day of the week. Often this is when I will be working in the emergency department. I'm usually in the trauma bay. This means I will be responsible for the patents that are victims of falls or car crashes. If I'm not in the ER I will be getting some grocery shopping done. I do most of the food prepping and cooking. And someone has to buy all those Reese's cups for Julie. When I'm cleaning or running errands I'm listening to podcasts about fitness or wine. Usually this is what inspires new thoughts or ideas to share with my classes while I'm coaching. At some point I try to get outside again with Charlie and play wiffle ball, it's his favorite game.

What about after work in the afternoons and evenings?

Julie: In the afternoons I'm usually getting the kids off to their activities or coordinating their transportation. Monday -Wed I am teaching at Wolfpack Fitness in the evening or am in the studio as an extra hand (Yes, we can't get away, we love it!) Our fluctuating schedule is a constant juggle but we plan ahead with multiple calendars and lots of communication. Dinner is usually late after classes 7-8 pm. We try to create down time between 9-10 pm, and I usually try to be in bed by 10pm.

Megan: The afternoons can also be pretty random. If we have the kids we typically are dividing and conquering the sports taxi-ing. Sometimes I will work until 7p in the ER if I'm not coaching and we don't have the kids. I cook dinner for Julie and I or the whole fam depending on who is around. While I'm cooking I am working on programming with Julie, we're listening to new music, or catching up about things for the business. After dinner if we have the kids we may wind down on the couch and watch a little TV with them. Julie and I don't typically watch a lot of TV. I try to be in bed and asleep by 10p. As much as I would like to limit screen time and hour before bed, that doesn't always happen. Rest, Repeat. Any of these tasks or things we do can get switched around depending on the day or schedule. I guess the one thing I could say about the daily routine of Meg is there is no typical routine.


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