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Please join us in celebrating our newest Wolfpack Ambassador, MATT LIMBACH!!! Matt comes to us from Lansdale and if you haven't had a chance to check out his Instagram (@mattphoenixx) you really should! Matt is a certified MUD Makeup artist and has created the most incredible creations especially for this Halloween season.

Matt learned about Wolfpack because he has trained with Megan at Tiger Schulmann’s. He is a regular at the OG Wolfpack Sunday Team Teach and says Julie and Megan’s interactions on the mic is something he always looks forward to each week!

He went on to say, "Strength training has always been a challenge for me because it always bored me. I now look forward to strength training every week. It has been a great add on to my exercise routine. I feel like I’m doing strength training routines that benefit me. It has helped me build the strength I need to improve my health and my martial arts abilities. I love the energy I feel after every session and the support to continue to build myself into the best version of myself."

While the OG Wolfpack is Matt's favorite class he recently tried the Hybrid format and said it was the first time he enjoyed being on the bike. We are so here for that, Matt! We love that Wolfpack is bringing you new positive experiences!

Finally, we asked Matt what he might say to someone who is interested in Wolfpack but has been too nervous to try and he said, "Wolfpack is for everyone, period. You will be challenged and encouraged every step of the way. The formats are for every fitness level. Just come take a class and you will see how welcomed you are by everyone at Wolfpack."

If you see Matt around the studio or at happy hour please give him a high five! We love celebrating you, your kindness and your positivity! We are so happy you are part of the pack, Matt!


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